Mental Health for Tech Professionals and Companies

I have a unique clinical interest in supporting mental health needs for those who work in the technology/programming industries, and am familiar with common obstacles for mental wellness in these areas. I am passionate about supporting individuals to heal from professional burnout, isolation, anxiety, imposter syndrome, substance use, exclusion, and other concerns. Check out my About page, and schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to see how I can support you in your goals.

Consultation and Presentation for Tech Companies

If you are a manager or HR professional in tech who is seeking to: reduce employee burnout, learn more about supporting employees with mental health and general wellness, reduce turnover, improve the work environment, and increase productivity, I would be honored to speak to your company/employees. I can offer either virtual or in-person presentation depending on your location. I typically suggest an initial presentation of 45-60 minutes in length, and can customize content to fit your needs.

Some general topics I may discuss include:

  • Defining professional burnout and its relevance to the industry
  • Costs of burnout and other mental health concerns to both employers and employees
  • Signs and symptoms of burnout, and how professional support can help
  • Managing distress during COVID-19/while working from home
  • Neurobiology of stress, and how to “hack in” to a more calm and productive mindset
  • Creating a more supportive and inclusive work environment
  • Effective strategies for management
  • Self-care and general wellness

A positive work culture helps establish your company as a leader in your industry. Connect with me by phone or e-mail to explore how I can support growth and wellness in your work environment.